Did you know that… ?

A. Lamb is the oldest meat from domestic animals. The lamb breeding by humans started in the Middle East more than 9000 years ago.

B. The ewe has a deep maternal instinct, which allows her to feed the lambs with maternal milk during the first 45 days of their life.

C. The sheep are animals with a deep herd instinct.

D. Sheep are ruminants so their stomach is divided into 4 cavities. A sheep needs to spend from 6 to 8 hours chewing per day.

E. Ewes can live up to 20 years.

F. There are more than 800 kinds of sheep in the world, who live in diversify areas such as desert, mountain,flatlands or pasture zone

G. It is possible to find the Merino race in the five continents. It is certainly the most extensive animal race. Despite that, during many centuries this race was only located in Spain. The Merino race was introduced in the American continent thanks to the second travel of Christopher Columbus in 1547.

H. Sheep are smart animals and have a very good memory. They can recognize and see the difference between more than 50 different people and remember events and images during a 2 years period.

I. When a sheep has a cold and dry nose and it licks it often, it means that it is in good health.

J. Why counting sheep is advisable to fall asleep? This practice is based on the fact that focusing on a repetitive action we are helped to get to sleep.

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