How it´s produced

CORDEREX lambs born in the pastures of Extremadura, they are breed with milk during the first 45 days of their life. Then they are controlled by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication "Lamb of Extremadura" CORDEREX (C.R.I.G.P CORDEREX).

CORDEREX lambs came from the breed Merino. Their mothers came from the breed Merino or a cross between Merino and early Merino. And their fathers came from the Merino breed, early Merino, Ille de France and Merino Fleischschaf.

The production system of farms registered in the Regulatory Council is using the extensive and semiextensive system. Reproduction breeding farms meet the methods, usage and utilization of traditional extensive system resources.

The Regulatory Council controls the lambs from the production phase until the time of sacrifice. That mean, the geographical origin, the genetic origin, the diet, the weight, and finally the age of slaughter.

CORDEREX lambs are sacrificed at the maximum age of 100 days, which allow producing light carcasses which not exceeding 14 kg for females and 16 kg for males.

The lamb meat certified by the PGI CORDEREX quality label has an excellent and pleasant mouthfeel and a moderate level of intramuscular infiltration fat, which gives all its tenderness. This is mainly due to the age of sacrifice and the farming methods. The consequences of good fat distribution give the meat a flavor and excellent juiciness. Carcasses PGI CORDEREX, in addition to being controlled and certified, are high quality products that enhance the organoleptic qualities to consumers. In conclusion, this is a suitable product for a healthy and balanced nutrition.<

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