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The I.G.P.

CORDEREX lamb is the protected geographical Indication for lambs born in the Extremadura Countryside ("Dehesa"). It is a trademark that protects and shelter the meat which has scrupulously fulfilled each and every one of the requirements that are indicated in the Regulations number 983/2011 published by the European Union thanks to the committee on September 30, 2011.


How to be part of Corderex

The farms and typification centers who want to be part of the Corderex PGI have to download the following documents.

Farmers: Solicitude of inscription in the register of farmers
Typification centers: Solicitude of inscription in the register of typification centers

Then, they would get back the document of the solicitude with all the others documents needed on the Appendix of the solicitude

Moreover, the Regulatory Council will made the following documents available for the requesters:

- Certification procedure of Extremadura lamb
- Declaration of production batch
- Declaration of ending batch
- Praticable administrative quota
- Auto control minimum program
- Chapter 9 of the quality book “recourses, complains an reclamations"

Fax: 924 38 72 78 Email:

Or, thanks to the contact form ont the Corderex web page

The slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and commercial company interested could contact the regulatory Council to have a personalized help regarding the steps for the inscription and to be informed about the necessary documentation for the solicitude.

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